Crusader Crossword Express Answer List – 20-September-2022

Daily solution for the Crusader Crossword Express Answer List – 20-September-2022. The Crusader Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Handy gear used in plant HYDRANGEA
Shove up, turning quiet PUSH
Only a few of one’s friends are in shape SEMICIRCLE
Self-obsessed, humorous image MEME
Ditch some merriment HA HA
Chilled by diamonds, twice ICED
Reduce new dissertations in brackets  PARENTHESES
Deep involvement in baptism IMMERSION
Discharge from colossal vocabulary SALVO
.Bury a test about motorway  INTERSTATE
.Public school in Germany – initially distressing HARROWING
.Second type of meat is fake SHAM
.Is Derek able to get some underwear for light support? CANDELABRA
.Second-best common name for an artisan SILVERSMITH
.Flighty worker tosses hair about  AIR HOSTESS
.Hid a hotel around part of America  IDAHO
.Daily affair putting husband in a race  PAPER CHASE
.Creed is in trouble about European court order DECREE NISI
.Reportedly obstruct some countries BLOC
.Pass the French entrance around one of the schools COLLEGIATE
.Observes musical sounds NOTES
.Substantial quality, organising amnesties MEATINESS
.Informant and traitor combination that’s not venomous  GRASS SNAKE
.Navigation system brings boy to a river SONAR
.Picture globe that radiates light and heat PHOTOSPHERE
.Epic creator forced to respond in kind RECIPROCATE
.Feel better, holding German flower ELBE
.Interrogate trainer PUMP