LA Times Crossword 10 Feb 19, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 10 Feb 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 10 Feb 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Pen pals? CONS
5 Complexion enhancement ROUGE
10 Email subject abbr. FWD
13 Get to smile AMUSE
18 From square one ANEW
19 Steam up ENRAGE
21 John, to Paul, George and Ringo LOO
22 John, Paul, George and Ringo NAMES
23 Chef’s directives involving sieves? (RE)STRAINING ORDERS
26 Travis of country TRITT
27 Tennis’ Goolagong EVONNE
28 Kia HQ city SEOUL
29 Widen DILATE
30 Old pool people STENOS
34 One splitting firewood? (RE)CORD BREAKER
36 Violin stroke UPBOW
39 Big chamber group OCTET
41 Candidate’s aim SEAT
42 Yearbook sect. SRS
43 Chance for Obi-Wan to play? (RE)TURN OF THE JEDI
47 Quaint oath EGAD!
49 Bar quaff, briefly IPA
50 YOLO, in ancient Rome CARPE DIEM
52 Actress Staunton of Harry Potter movies IMELDA
56 Lemony, say CITRIC
59 PC bailout key ESC
60 113-Down’s last words … A DAMN
62 Placed LAID
63 Take in or let out ALTER
64 Broadway’s Hagen UTA
66 Hirsute Himalayan humanoid of myth YETI
68 Crossed (out) XED
69 Therapist’s technique using poetry? (RE)VERSE PSYCHOLOGY
76 Compress, as a file ZIP
79 Resist DEFY
80 Pop duo __ & Him SHE
81 Signs of shock GASPS
85 Currier’s partner IVES
87 Andrea __: ill-fated ship DORIA
90 City, informally URB
92 Magoo’s malady MYOPIA
93 Cooperstown charter member TY COBB
98 Prov. at one end of the Ambassador Bridge ONT
99 Dental image X-RAY
101 Social event for British tavern keepers? (RE)PUBLICAN PARTY
104 Latin art ARS
107 Triangle product AREA
109 Tot’s rebuttal IS NOT
110 Role for Liam OSKAR
111 Dusting goal? (RE)MOTE CONTROL
115 Banded metamorphic rock GNEISS
117 Big Sur institute ESALEN
118 Cambodians’ neighbors THAIS
120 Film frames STILLS
124 Knighted British actor Hawthorne NIGEL
125 License to search for the Holy Grail? (RE)QUEST PERMISSION
129 “The Canterbury Tales” pilgrim REEVE
130 Blast cause TNT
131 Washington city YAKIMA
132 Enterprise counselor TROI
133 Portfolio part ASSET
134 Collecting Soc. Sec. RET
135 Enlighten TEACH
136 Virgo/Libra mo. SEPT


Number Clues Answers
1 Project for Poirot CASE
2 Airing ON TV
3 Student of Seneca NERO
4 TV dinner brand SWANSON
5 “Xena” actress O’Connor RENEE
6 Hush-hush maritime org. ONI
7 Java holder URN
8 Witty bit GAG
9 Sensitive issues for directors EGOS
10 __-de-lis FLEUR
11 Wells title foes WORLDS
12 Bobs and buns DOS
13 Bloody Civil War battle site ANTIETAM
14 Actress Maples MARLA
15 Inuit boats UMIAKS
16 Volleyball position SETTER
17 Fragrant compounds ESTERS
20 Put up ERECTED
24 Bisected IN TWO
25 Rooster’s last word? -DOO
29 Involve with reluctantly, as a tough situation DRAG INTO
31 __ bene NOTA
32 Yellowish tone OCHRE
33 Answers the call STEPS UP
35 Pollen carrier BEE
36 Erie Canal city UTICA
37 One who has class? PUPIL
38 Benjamin of “Law & Order” BRATT
40 Kicks out EJECTS
44 Govt. org. with a Media Bureau FCC
45 Calendario square DIA
46 Mil. roadside danger IED
48 2017 Best Director Oscar winner Guillermo __ Toro DEL
51 It may be held in a deli MAYO
53 Southern Calif. airport LAX
54 Roller in Vegas DIE
55 Put in ADD
57 MLK’s title REV
58 Miffed IRED
61 Voice artist Blanc MEL
65 Shakespearean cries AYS
67 Pop of punk IGGY
70 Snoopy’s nemesis RED BARON
71 Northern Calif. airport SFO
72 Jane Rochester, née __ EYRE
73 Uncouth types CHURLS
74 It’s misleading when it’s red HERRING
75 Ming most look up to YAO
76 Spot at the prom? ZIT
77 Climbing greenery IVY
78 Iron pumper’s pride PEC
82 Versatile utensil SPORK
83 Historic nautical trio member PINTA
84 Dionysus devotee SATYR
86 Red or White SOX
88 Little trickster IMP
89 “Aladdin” monkey ABU
91 Club component BACON
92 AOL alternative MSN
94 Patient’s ID BRACELET
96 Knack ABILITY
97 Fill to the max SATE
100 Nikkei index currency YEN
102 Blog updates POSTS
103 Gretzky’s NHL record 1,963 ASSISTS
104 Supreme Egyptian deity AMEN-RA
105 Bar in TV’s “M*A*S*H” ROSIE’S
106 Play grounds? STAGES
108 Bring into harmony ATTUNE
112 Parisian 37-Down ELEVE
113 “I never give anything without expecting something in return” speaker RHETT
114 Western treaty gp. OAS
116 NBA legend Thomas ISIAH
119 Little fight SPAT
121 Euro forerunners LIRE
122 Programmer’s “endless” problem LOOP
123 Peevish state SNIT
125 Game div. QTR
126 Barely make, with “out” EKE
127 Fjord kin RIA
128 CXL x XV MMC