LA Times Crossword 16 Feb 20, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 16 Feb 20, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 16 Feb 20, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers


Number Clues Answers
1 Baddies with pointy hats HAGS
2 Actor Guinness ALEC
3 Like cobras, but not pythons VENOMOUS
4 Web system allowing outside access EXTRANET
5 Frasier’s brother NILES
6 Obeys a stick-wielding doctor SAYS “AH”
7 Bad marks in high school? ACNE
8 “If it fits” item SHOE
9 Most popular HOTTEST
10 Lead monitor, for short EPA
11 Word with line or hound CHOW
12 Climbing gear ROPE
13 Slanted column OP-ED PIECE
14 Islamic leaders CALIPHS
15 “Can we see __?”: diner’s request A MENU
16 *Car coolant carrier RADIATOR HOSE
17 Thames campus ETON
18 Tennis drop shot DINK
21 Fleeced SHORN
27 “ __ you home to dinner”: Shak. HIE
32 Flat fish RAY
34 Summit ACME
35 Motion maker: Abbr. ATT
36 Period of time ERA
38 Mrs. Gorbachev RAISA
39 Roughly OR SO
40 “Shoot!” DARN IT!
41 Weimaraner’s complaint WHINE
43 Eatery seen in the film “Manhattan” ELAINE’S
44 Car and Driver yearly listing TEN BEST
46 Can’t brook DETESTS
51 Number of singers in The Chipmunks THREE
52 Estate beneficiary HEIR
53 Cans for cons POKEYS
54 Jeweler’s measure CARAT
56 Clown mascot’s first name RONALD
57 Thumper’s friend BAMBI
58 Evening parties SOIREES
59 Banking misjudgment BAD LOAN
60 Property recipient, in legal language ALIENEE
61 *Tourist’s eye-opening experience, perhaps CULTURE SHOCK
62 Letter-shaped fasteners T-NUTS
64 Crayola color renamed Peach in 1962 FLESH
66 Like a “Stat!” instruction URGENT
67 Way more than some A LOT
69 Composer Bruckner ANTON
70 Links army leader ARNIE
72 Ovarian hormones ESTROGENS
73 Frosty coat HOAR
75 Knowledgeable about UP ON
77 Manhattan, say BAR ORDER
78 Causing avoidance AVERSIVE
79 Peggy or Brenda of song LEE
80 Hallucinogenic letters LSD
82 Fork, for instance UTENSIL
83 Japan’s largest active volcano ASO
84 Pondering, with “on” CHEWING
88 Cars that sound like gems OPELS
89 “__ you really just say that?” DID
90 Run down a mountain SCHUSS
93 Blathering TALKY
96 “__ it!”: “Get moving!” HOP TO
97 Italian hot spot ETNA
98 Hard work TOIL
100 Berserk AMOK
101 Pueblo people ZUNI
103 “That being the case ” IF SO
104 Soapmaker’s supplies LYES
105 Just makes, with “out” EKES
106 Mailed SENT
109 Watch SEE