LA Times Crossword 16 Feb 21, Tuesday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 16 Feb 21, Tuesday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 16 Feb 21, Tuesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Tripoli’s country LIBYA
6 College grad ALUM
10 Kill, as a dragon SLAY
14 Thorny plant BRIAR
15 Latina toon explorer DORA
16 Scrabble piece TILE
17 If Nicholson sang, danced and acted, he might be called __ JACK OF ALL TRADES
20 GQ or Cosmo MAG
21 Photographed SHOT
22 Inhumane BARBARIC
27 Salty drops TEARS
31 Big name in PCs ACER
32 __ pork: Chinese dish with pancakes MOO SHU
35 “High” afternoon meal TEA
36 Forbidden TABOO
38 Series of missed calls PHONE TAG
40 If Robinson left En Vogue to sing in Jerry Garcia’s group, she might be called __ DAWN OF THE DEAD
43 Dog food seller PET STORE
44 Crop up ARISE
46 Soul, to Sartre AME
47 Polar parka ANORAK
50 Passionate about INTO
51 Winona of “Stranger Things” RYDER
53 Brings good luck to SMILES ON
55 Taunt GIBE
58 Drone or worker BEE
59 If Tomlin came from San Fernando, she might be called __ LILY OF THE VALLEY
67 Trim, as a photo CROP
68 Dry forecast FAIR
69 Religious doctrine DOGMA
70 Credit card balance, say DEBT
71 Benchmarks: Abbr. STDS
72 Jerk or twitch SPASM


Number Clues Answers
1 JFK’s successor LBJ
2 Nest egg initials IRA
3 Flickable lighter BIC
4 Go on and on YAK
5 Kitchen allure AROMA
6 Samuel Barber’s “__ for Strings” ADAGIO
7 Cyberchortle LOL
8 Web addresses URLS
9 Subject with numbers MATH
10 Georgia or Washington STATE
11 Pot cover LID
12 It may be blonde or pale ALE
13 “Roundabout” rockers with a positive name YES
18 Word before hand or land FARM-
19 Capitol feature ROTUNDA
22 Cave hanger BAT
23 Plato’s school, with “the” … ACADEMY
24 Paid back, as a purchase incentive REBATED
25 Tweezer targets BROWS
26 Whirlybirds COPTERS
28 Realizes, as a goal ATTAINS
29 Entertains with a bedtime story READS TO
30 Give in to gravity SAG
33 Recital rebuke SHH!
34 Flower bed tool HOE
37 Province on four Great Lakes ONTARIO
39 Spooky EERIE
41 Bass ending -OON
42 Pendulum direction? FRO
43 Links standard PAR
45 Seemingly forever EON
48 Orange-yellow gemstones AMBERS
49 Ukraine’s capital KIEV
52 The Nile runs through it EGYPT
54 Detectives’ aids LEADS
56 Bosom buds, in texts BFFS
57 Nouveau-Mexique, par exemple ETAT
59 TV screen type LCD
60 Fury IRE
61 Easy throw LOB
62 Laid low HID
63 Cut (off) LOP
64 JFK alternative LGA
65 Maximum borders? EMS
66 Oft-candied veggie YAM