LA Times Crossword 21 Oct 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 21 Oct 18, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 21 Oct 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Dropped-jaw stare GAWP
5 Like loving caresses SENSUAL
12 Audio units: Abbr. DBS
15 “The Americans” agcy. FBI
18 First name in erotica ANAIS
20 Place for a bootee TOOTSIE
21 Seedy motel, say RAT TRAP
23 Painting of an annoying bricklayer at work? MORTAR AND PEST(LE)
25 Japan’s emperor AKIHITO
26 Like many forest roads UNPAVED
27 Suffer AIL
28 Least obfuscated OPENEST
29 Football laterals, e.g. TOSSES
30 15th-century food-stained collectible? GUTENBERG’S BIB(LE)
33 Beachcomber’s pace STROLL
36 Breezy and open AIRY
37 Glance PEEK
38 Chaotic mess SNAFU
42 Bot head? ECO-
43 Harbor protector JETTY
45 Dutch South Africans BOERS
46 Fabulist’s Cheer alternative? AESOP’S FAB(LE)
48 “Exodus” author URIS
49 Chickadee kin TIT
50 Undocumented Nepali? YETI
51 Peak in Thessaly OSSA
52 Big D cager MAV
53 Annoy IRK
54 PC linkup LAN
57 Mexican mama bears OSAS
59 Slip away ELAPSE
61 Popular Oahu beach WAIKIKI
63 Dollar for a shot? BELT BUCK(LE)
66 “Hmm” GEE
67 Dollars for shots? ROUND TAB(LE)
68 Piles up AMASSES
69 Captain Hook’s creator J.M. __ BARRIE
71 Eight furlongs MILE
72 Caught GOT
73 Erstwhile U.K. recording giant EMI
74 Kind of trading, briefly OTC
75 Sweet Sixteen org. NCAA
77 With the bow, in music ARCO
80 Of __ mind ONE
81 Qatar’s capital DOHA
82 “Snow White” witch’s download? POISON APP(LE)
84 Refine, as ore SMELT
87 Stick on the grill KEBAB
88 Beat it LAM
89 Jamaican hybrid fruits UGLIS
90 Fine-tune HONE
91 China-related prefix SINO-
92 Irritates EATS AT
94 Mud, slop, pig, etc.? ELEMENTS OF STY(LE)
98 Mist and such VAPORS
103 Show great respect for, perhaps IMITATE
104 Mythical flapper ROC
105 Gulf of Guinea country NIGERIA
106 Easy time LEISURE
107 Sailing maneuver to avoid a pirate’s threat? DEFENSIVE TACK(LE)
110 City on the Elbe DRESDEN
111 Morning paper, e.g. EDITION
112 “GymnopĂ©dies” composer SATIE
113 French article whose singular form is “disconnected” from nine puzzle answers LES
114 Newsroom VIPs EDS
115 Boot protectors TOE CAPS
116 Smartphone component LENS


Number Clues Answers
1 Full range GAMUT
2 “That’s __!” A NO-NO
3 Twists WARPS
4 Their pockets aren’t deep PITAS
5 Dutch town STAD
6 Geological period EON
7 Movement at a boring concert? NOD
8 Twin-but-not-Twins’ city ST PAUL
9 Half a fitness motto USE IT …
10 Freezer __ AISLE
11 Allow LET
12 Window hanging DRAPERY
13 Where brownies come together BAKERY
14 Wasp’s weapon STING
15 Disc golf “ball” FRISBEE
16 More eccentric BATTIER
17 WSJ news bit IPO
19 Sets money aside SAVES UP
22 What an X may mark THE SPOT
24 Arm or chin follower -REST
28 Bios unread by their honorees OBITS
30 Universal GLOBAL
31 Endemic NATIVE
32 Neh. and Esth. BKS
34 Penalty callers REFS
35 Ric of The Cars OCASEK
38 Opinion SAY
39 French word in bios NEE
40 Home of Elaine, in Arthurian legend ASTOLAT
41 Forces fraudulently (upon) FOISTS
43 Vehicle hired to carry steeplechase horses? JUMPER CAB(LE)
44 Tip for changing your answer? ERASER
45 61-Across wear BIKINI
47 Cavalier “My bad” SO SUE ME
49 Emotional wounds TRAUMAS
53 Iconic WWII island, briefly IWO
54 Unlike idioms LITERAL
55 Going by, for short AKA
56 Tip for solving in ink? NIB
58 Not in class ABSENT
60 Mystery award AGATHA
62 “Constant Craving” singer KD LANG
63 Carousel item BAG
64 Broody rock genre EMO
65 Long-running forensic series CSI
67 Put more varnish on RECOAT
69 Owie BOO-BOO
70 Not out-of-bounds, as a ball IN PLAY
76 Goals AIMS
78 Cost-of-living no. CPI
79 Photo possibilities OPS
80 Bama rival OLE MISS
81 Tightly packed DENSE
83 Some leave you powerless OUTAGES
84 Miss, say SHE
85 “Tartuffe” dramatist MOLIERE
87 Cute calendar subjects KITTENS
91 Caught SNARED
92 “Blah, blah, blah,” briefly ETC ETC
93 Tel __ AVIV
95 Liszt work ETUDE
96 Middle Corleone brother FREDO
97 Mezzo-soprano Anne __ von Otter SOFIE
99 Part of a flower PETAL
100 Speak ORATE
101 “Breaking Bad” toxin RICIN
102 Benefits SAKES
105 18-Across and family NINS
106 Cholesterol letters LDL
107 Tigers’ home: Abbr. DET
108 Vardalos of film NIA
109 Bread, for stew SOP