LA Times Crossword 23 Feb 19, Saturday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 23 Feb 19, Saturday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 23 Feb 19, Saturday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Like some VIP treatment ALL-ACCESS
10 Global Chic designer IMAN
14 Dog trainer’s hand signal, say VISUAL CUE
15 It’ll blow over soon CRAZE
16 Running smoothly IN A GROOVE
17 Schindler with a list OSKAR
18 Stings SETUPS
19 Academic acronym STEM
21 The past, in the past ELD
22 Beat but good ROUT
24 Absorption processes OSMOSES
26 “A Farewell to Arms” setting: Abbr. WWI
29 Algerian seaport ORAN
31 __ Pig: British preschool TV show PEPPA
32 Start to stop? NON-
33 Strauss creation LEVIS
35 Mexican president after Calderón NIETO
37 Gets all mushy BREAKS INTO TEARS
40 Kipling’s “Lone Wolf” AKELA
41 Feudal servants SERFS
42 Daffy depiction? CEL
43 Can’t get enough of ADORE
45 Abounding RIFE
46 Anti-discrimination initials EEO
47 Mexico’s largest lake CHAPALA
49 Cunning ARCH
51 “Wow!” OOH!
52 Passed on OK’ED
54 Very little A TASTE
58 Shut out, in a game BLANK
60 “Pardon, sir … ” SAY, MISTER ….
62 Salon option RINSE
63 Counting-out rhyme opening ONE POTATO …
64 Flexible, in a way AC/DC
65 Secretly communicate in class, pre-texting PASS NOTES


Number Clues Answers
1 Dollar competitor AVIS
2 Feature of a busy amusement park LINE
3 What needs to be passed on the way to the bar, briefly? LSAT
4 Foretell AUGUR
5 Musical “Late Late” segment CARPOOL KARAOKE
6 Snowstorm news CLOSURES
7 Prefix with tourism ECO-
8 Explorers, e.g. SUVS
9 Manage SEE TO
10 Gp. concerned with cheaters IRS
11 Stops the fight MAKES PEACE
12 Rhododendron family bloomer AZALEA TREE
13 __ out: gets excited in a geeky way, in slang NERDS
15 Popular place for lurking trolls COMMENT SECTION
20 Psychic’s claim ESP
23 Former TV talk show host Smiley TAVIS
25 Taylor tot OPIE
26 Sun and Sky org. WNBA
27 Unlikely “TGIF” exclaimer WORKAHOLIC
28 “Little help?” I NEED A HAND
30 Pilot’s digit NINER
34 Narrow furrow STRIA
36 2017 Tony winner about the ’90s Israel-PLO accords OSLO
38 Somewhat off ALOP
39 Cloverleaf segments OFF-RAMPS
44 Mammal with a rack ELK
47 G.I. Joe nemesis COBRA
48 Writer of anthropomorphic tales AESOP
50 Lacks choices HAS TO
53 Perfumery that created Tabu DANA
55 Bit of sports trivia STAT
56 French bean? TETE
57 Winged god EROS
59 Situation Room gp. NSC
61 Assent YES