LA Times Crossword 30 Jun 19, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 30 Jun 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 30 Jun 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Prepared for a selfie SMILED
7 Pizzeria chain, familiarly UNO’S
11 Grey Cup gp. CFL
14 ER figures DRS
17 What worms help do, soilwise AERATE
18 Rowling teacher SNAPE
19 Brewpub choice ALE
20 Silk on the Seine SOIE
21 Unite in a common cause DRAW TOGETHER (hiding mixed “two”)
23 Extinct bird MOA
24 Duds TOGS
25 Official fuel of NASCAR since 2004 SUNOCO
26 Unobstructed view LINE OF SIGHT (hiding mixed “one”)
29 You, in the Bible THOU
32 Mustard, e.g.: Abbr. COL
33 Bruins legend ORR
34 Lacking freshness TRITE
35 Place to find a hack TAXI STAND (hiding mixed “six”)
38 Blood prefix HEMA-
40 Problem for the weary NO REST
41 Eight hours per day? ONE THIRD
42 Nods from NASA A-OKS
43 Loner of a fish? SOLE
44 Prospecting tool PAN
45 Laryngitis docs ENTS
46 Post-Civil War economic growth period THE GILDED AGE (hiding mixed “eight”)
51 Food service trade org. NRA
52 Midsummer arrivals LEOS
53 Vintage autos REOS
54 Kid __: reading genre LIT
55 Shopper’s indulgence SPREE
58 Newspapers PRESS
60 Lord’s domain FIEF
61 Audi’s rings, e.g. LOGO
62 Fortuitous HEAVEN-SENT (hiding mixed “seven”)
64 On a lark JUST FOR FUN (hiding mixed “four”)
66 Co-star with Goldie, Ruth, Henry, et al. ARTE
67 Courtroom attention-getter OYEZ!
68 Reference volumes TOMES
69 Musical markings NOTES
70 Toon bartender MOE
71 Circle makers ARCS
72 Sham FAKE
73 Phishing target, briefly SSN
74 With no time to spare UNDER THE WIRE (hiding mixed “three”)
77 Nero’s 902 CMII
79 Six-pack muscles ABS
82 “__ Walked Into My Life”: “Mame” song IF HE
83 Love interest of 58-Down EROS
84 Liability HANDICAP
86 Aussie leaf munchers KOALAS
89 “Yeah, right!” I BET!
90 Front door, usually MAIN ENTRY (hiding mixed “nine”)
91 Week attachment? -ENDER
92 Banned bug spray DDT
93 Fla. NBA team ORL
94 Barcelona bears OSOS
95 What “I don’t wanna” do, in a Zayn/Taylor Swift hit LIVE FOREVER (hiding mixed “five”)
99 Crew member SAILOR
102 Butcher’s cut LOIN
103 __ Today: magazine for teachers NEA
104 5½ and 8¾, e.g. … and a hint to this puzzle’s circles MIXED NUMBERS
109 RSVP cards, say ENCS
110 Terrible start? MAL-
111 “Come-faithful” filler … ALL YE …
112 Clavell’s “Shogun” sequel TAI-PAN
113 Deli choice RYE
114 People fixers: Abbr. EDS


Number Clues Answers
1 Hangdog SAD
2 Cousteau’s sea MER
3 Nest egg letters IRA
4 Action in a legal thriller LAWSUIT
5 Words from Caesar ET TU
6 Cole of “Angie Tribeca” DEON
7 Incalculable UNTOLD
8 “Guess again” NAH
9 GM subsidiary until 2017 OPEL
10 LPGA star Pak in the World Golf Hall of Fame SE-RI
11 Smartphone feature CAMERA
12 It’s underfoot FLOOR
13 Foliage element LEAF
14 Dr. Howser of ’80s-’90s TV DOOGIE
15 They involve responsibilities RIGHTS
16 Largish combo SESTET
18 Difference between winning and losing, maybe SECONDS
20 Word in an iconic cocktail order STIRRED
22 Small racer GO CART
27 Asian menu promise NO MSG
28 Inedible wraps STOLES
29 ‘Vette roof option T-TOP
30 Maui’s scenic __ Highway HANA
31 Babe’s relatives OXEN
36 Wilson of “Walker, Texas Ranger” SHEREE
37 Brown of publishing TINA
38 Snack cake brand HO HOS
39 Scratches (out) EKES
40 React to a boring speech NOD OFF
42 “This is only __” A TEST
43 Comes down hard? SLEETS
47 Angelou’s “And Still __” I RISE
48 Up in the air ALOFT
49 Movement in some Bach suites GIGUE
50 Stiff collars ETONS
51 Snow in le Alpi NEVE
52 Kay of “Rich Man, Poor Man” LENZ
55 Longtime SeaWorld orca SHAMU
56 Eva of Argentina PERON
57 Used Yelp, maybe RATED
58 Love interest of 83-Across PSYCHE
59 Baseball’s Pee Wee REESE
60 Blow one’s top FUME
61 Scientologist Hubbard L RON
63 Bridge positions NORTHS
64 Stand-up fare JOKES
65 Risky kind of kick ONSIDE
68 Mystic’s deck TAROT
71 Kennel double talk? ARF ARF!
72 Let go FIRE
73 __ Féin SINN
75 Actresses Brennan and Davidson EILEENS
76 Vehicle for Hulu and Roku WEB TV
77 Pretense CHARADE
78 E-file alternative MAIL-IN
79 Talent show entries ACTS
80 Pressure: Pref. BARO-
81 Northern __: apples SPYS
85 How much space debris travels IN ORBIT
86 Sullivan’s pupil KELLER
87 Like some bagels ONIONY
88 It may be unwanted ADVICE
89 Things to aspire to IDEALS
90 Walks unhurriedly MOSEYS
92 Hardly look forward to DREAD
96 Bar words that make you smile ON ME
97 Key with four sharps: Abbr. E MAJ
98 Tick off RILE
100 Renaissance instrument LUTE
101 Yemen neighbor OMAN
105 Tee sizes XLS
106 92-Across banner EPA
107 Bollywood star Aishwarya __ RAI
108 Popular skit show, for short SNL