LA Times Crossword 4 Mar 19, Monday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 4 Mar 19, Monday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 4 Mar 19, Monday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Moorehead of “Bewitched” AGNES
6 Whole bunch SCAD
10 This is one CLUE
14 Sparkling topper TIARA
15 Extremely OH SO
16 “With this __ … ” RING
17 Poet’s Rambler? OGDEN’S NASH (from “Ogden Nash”)
19 Gas brand in Canada ESSO
20 Ronan Farrow’s mom MIA
21 Ding in a car DENT
22 Parcels (out) METES
23 “High Noon” actor’s Mini? GARY’S COOPER (from “Gary Cooper”)
26 Most-feared Hun ATTILA
29 2001 scandal company ENRON
30 Deity with goat legs FAUN
31 Canonized pope who kept 26-Across from invading Rome ST LEO
33 Gumshoe TEC
36 President’s Continental? ABRAHAM’S LINCOLN (from “Abraham Lincoln”)
40 Stocking flaw RUN
41 La Scala solos ARIAS
42 Dijon darling AMIE
43 Touch of color TINCT
45 Most slippery, as roads ICIEST
47 “Pillow Talk” actor’s Hornet? ROCK’S HUDSON (from “Rock Hudson”)
50 Complex tales SAGAS
51 Tale teller LIAR
52 Tour gp. with tees PGA
55 School attended by many English statesmen ETON
56 First lady’s Mustang? BETTY’S FORD (from “Betty Ford”)
59 Has a cold, say AILS
60 Rowboat movers OARS
61 Like horror film music EERIE
62 Fuss TO-DO
63 Cloudy GRAY
64 Most high schoolers TEENS


Number Clues Answers
1 Split bit ATOM
2 1958 Chevalier musical GIGI
3 Nothing, in Spain NADA
4 Before, poetically ERE
5 Open-toed shoe SANDAL
6 Cher’s singing partner SONNY
7 Online talks CHATS
8 Beast of burden ASS
9 Head-slapping word from Homer D’OH!
10 Sleazy sort, in slang CREEPO
11 “Pay attention when I speak” LISTEN TO ME
12 Racing family name UNSER
13 They may clash on film sets EGOS
18 Toxin fighters SERA
22 Dummy MORON
23 Actress Torres of “Firefly” GINA
24 Phones in pockets or purses CELLS
25 “That’s __ haven’t heard” ONE I
26 A distant place AFAR
27 “Forbidden” perfume TABU
28 What things do when touched by Midas TURN TO GOLD
31 Actress Jada Pinkett __ SMITH
32 Flight safety org. TSA
34 Fans of college sports’ Bulldogs ELIS
35 Tech product review website CNET
37 Actor Tom who said, “There’s no crying in baseball” HANKS
38 Curved parts ARCS
39 Eve’s firstborn CAIN
44 “No problem for me!” I CAN SO!
45 “By Jove!” I SAY!
46 Tight undergarment CORSET
47 Betting odds, e.g. RATIO
48 Michelob diet beer ULTRA
49 Rattlebrained DITSY
50 Chair or sofa SEAT
52 Skin opening PORE
53 Broad smile GRIN
54 Citrus drinks ADES
56 Peat source BOG
57 Organ with a drum EAR
58 Lawyer’s charge FEE