LA Times Crossword 7 Apr 19, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 7 Apr 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 7 Apr 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 #8220;Beat it!” SCAT!
5 ubberneck GAWK
9 reserve, in a way SALT
13 rammar topic USAGE
18 #8220;East of Eden” director Kazan ELIA
19 nly part of Egypt in Asia SINAI
20 rio ELAN
21 edouin, e.g. NOMAD
22 ure sign that Spot got into today’s dessert? PUDDING ON THE DOG (from “putting on the dog”)
25 oubtful story FABLE
26 ause of a stir? TEASPOON
27 utritious beans SOYAS
28 etaphorical fate of a hatchet? BURIAL
29 uffPost owner AOL
30 refix with phobia ACRO-
31 amage MAR
32 PO mail recipients GIS
35 rispy Kreme rep’s agenda? DOUGHNUT CALL LIST (from “Do Not Call List”)
43 edicinal plants SENNAS
45 eams RAYS
46 ive birth to HAVE
47 oris Godunov, for one TSAR
48 roadcast sign ON AIR
49 FL six-pointers TDS
50 opf, across the border TETE
51 gitate RILE
52 ce cream order toppings? SUNDAE SUPPLEMENTS (from “Sunday supplements”)
58 rof’s aides TAS
59 ppear that way SEEM SO
60 ecord holder LINER
61 ose garden pests APHIDS
63 un out, as a subscription LAPSE
65 YSE debut IPO
66 equest before a shot SMILE
68 emain at home STAY IN
71 oil of yarn SKEIN
73 asses ENACTS
76 ampaign trail pro POL
77 inal roadside stop for an eggy treat? CUSTARD’S LAST STAND (from “Custer’s Last Stand”)
82 ess, for example LOCH
84 oviet news acronym TASS
85 ouble curve ESS
86 ne washing off the driveway HOSER
87 angston Hughes poem I, TOO
88 ight-seeking flier MOTH
89 lew SCAD
91 _ Beach: South Carolina resort MYRTLE
92 #8220;You’ve made the Heath bar perfectly!”? THAT’S A REAL TOFFEE (from “that’s a real toughie”)
96 ne of two in seven: Abbr. SYL
97 xist ARE
98 lows it ERRS
99 ygone Ford LTD
101 ropical lizard IGUANA
105 #8220;The __ Witch Project” BLAIR
107 talian almond biscuits AMARETTI
112 oy with a bow CUPID
113 #8220;Nice apple tart, Christopher”? GOOD PIE, COLUMBUS (from “Goodbye, Columbus”)
115 hip away at ERODE
116 t’s sometimes enough ONCE
117 hey’re not idlers DOERS
118 #8220;Buddenbrooks” author MANN
119 ne tweaking pitches TUNER
120 tyle VEIN
121 #8220;As I Lay Dying” father ANSE
122 .E.D. part ERAT


Number Clues Answers
1 alf of quatorze SEPT
2 hodunit game CLUE
3 #8220;O patria mia” singer AIDA
4 oung boys TADS
5 aid male escort GIGOLO
6 ike some quotes: Abbr. ANON
7 ale WAN
8 ike plastic pink flamingos KITSCHY
9 #8220;Later” SEE YOU
10 #8220;The West Wing” actor ALDA
11 olden Triangle country LAOS
12 ci-fi spin-off before “DS9” TNG
13 oll out UNFURL
14 njoy a view from on high SOAR
15 oth: Pref. AMBI-
16 ig party GALA
17 enry James biographer Leon EDEL
19 air holders SNOODS
23 raft pick IPA
24 hey’re heard in jams HORNS
28 arn bundle BALE
30 umbfounded AGASP
31 xpert MAVEN
32 lassification between family and species GENUS
33 bsurd INANE
34 udley’s toon foe SNIDELY
36 industani language URDU
37 nglish assignment THEME
38 oes a reception job CATERS
39 nv. enclosure LTR
40 uery in Matthew IS IT I?
41 ood at a bar SALAD
42 ead lock TRESS
43 #8220;Help!” SOS!
44 iblical language ARAMAIC
49 hinese menu possessive TSO’S
50 ortise inserts TENONS
53 #8220;College Football Live” channel ESPNU
54 rasping tool PLIERS
55 at, e.g. LIPID
56 orrupt TAINT
57 stentatious SPLASHY
62 ullies HECTORS
64 ocus of an heir war? ESTATE
67 lutter MESS
68 mall Champagne bottle SPLIT
69 ipper part TOOTH
70 ig name in kitchen foil ALCOA
72 uckwheat porridge KASHA
74 #8220;Yum!” TASTY!
75 ishhook fastener SNELL
78 upply STORE
79 lips (through) LEAFS
80 ypist’s left hand home keys A-S-D-F
81 #8220;__ Day”: 1993 rap hit DRE
83 ll the rage HOT
88 ate of “The Martian” MARA
89 acon portion STRIP
90 ontest with picadors CORRIDA
91 ron and zinc METALS
93 arpenter’s need SANDER
94 ull gray, as winter skies LEADEN
95 #8220;Get Shorty” novelist __ Leonard ELMORE
100 &B group __ Hill DRU
101 #8220;Rhyme Pays” rapper ICE-T
102 xpert GURU
103 nformed about UP ON
104 ight hand AIDE
105 ram, with “up” BONE
106 enters of activity LOCI
107 irst-rate ACES
108 lus-size supermodel EMME
109 lpine transport T-BAR
110 oon Charlie, memorably TUNA
111 #8220;This __ working” ISN’T
113 tatehouse VIP GOV
114 ong, long time EON