LA Times Crossword 7 Dec 18, Friday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 7 Dec 18, Friday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 7 Dec 18, Friday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 City in which much of “Moonlight” is set MIAMI
6 Lively display of stamps? FLAMENCO
14 Long range ANDES
15 Valuable collectible RARE COIN
16 Art class model, say? STATIC EMPLOYEE (from “state employee”)
18 Singer Jones TOM
19 Ashes not caused by fire TREES
20 Notable times ERAS
22 Genesis twin ESAU
23 Volcanic rock BASALT
25 Homeowner’s extreme reaction to a hailstorm? WINDOW PANIC (from “window pane”)
30 Calculating SLY
31 Lot unit ACRE
32 Sucker of sorts LEECH
34 Ancient Roman’s suggestion to a sweat-drenched pal? CHANGE YOUR TUNIC (from “change your tune”)
41 Wise guys, maybe SAGES
42 Hotel worker MAID
43 Asian holiday TET
46 Where sick con victims seek help? PATSY CLINIC (from “Patsy Cline”)
50 Went from 50 to 40 SLOWED
52 “Put __ on it!” A LID
53 Bust size? KILO
54 Flynn of film ERROL
56 Attorney’s org. ABA
59 Stand-up invited to a holiday meal? COMIC FOR DINNER (from “come for dinner”)
63 “It’s my duty” I’VE GOT TO
64 Really irk EAT AT
65 Cutting tool for making joints TENON SAW
66 Works on a batter STIRS


Number Clues Answers
1 It’s often rigged MAST
2 Fascinated by INTO
3 Biblical exile ADAM
4 Came across MET
5 “Can this be true?” IS IT SO?
6 Clear, as a schedule slot FREE UP
7 Fabric with a glint LAME
8 Some dadaist works ARPS
9 Brooks with lines MEL
10 Green prefix ECO-
11 British poet Alfred NOYES
12 ’80s-’90s Olds models CIERAS
13 Score early in the set, maybe ONE ALL
17 Bird crop CRAW
21 Muddy enclosure STY
22 Delightful places EDENS
23 Stuttgart suds BIER
24 Bank holding: Abbr. ACCT
25 WWII female WAC
26 Gigi je :: Greta : __ : ICH
27 Org. with frequent firings NRA
28 See 57-Down … A LOSS
29 Fresh, to Franz NEU
33 Like a rainforest HUMID
35 Show awe GAPE
36 Quaint “Yikes!” EGAD!
37 Equivalent of OTOH YET
38 Photographer Goldin NAN
39 Sundial marking III
40 Health org. with HQ in Atlanta CDC
43 “Naughty!” TSK!
44 Draw out ELICIT
45 Queen’s “Somebody __” TO LOVE
47 Peter of Peter, Paul & Mary YARROW
48 Lump of earth CLOD
49 Easter display LILIES
51 Many suffragists WOMEN
54 Young newts EFTS
55 “The Godfather” composer Nino ROTA
56 Opposition member ANTI
57 With 28-Down, persevere despite hardship BEAR …
58 Liberal follower? ARTS
60 “Can __ forward when my heart is here?”: Romeo I GO
61 Fool CON
62 D.C. ballplayer NAT