LA Times Crossword Answers 12 Nov 2017, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword Answers 12 Nov 2017, Sunday The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword Answers 12 Nov 2017, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Ball stars DEBS
5 Baseball’s Hammerin’ Hank AARON
10 Latin foot PES
13 Cline portrayer in “Sweet Dreams” LANGE
18 It comes from the head IDEA
19 Bunkum TRIPE
20 Meter preceder ALTI-
22 Thrown for __ A LOOP
23 Traffic jam? MUDDLE OF THE ROAD (from “middle of the road”)
26 __ Rossi: Gallo brand CARLO
27 View from Anchorage DENALI
28 What may be intended by inadvertent wordplay? NO PUN
29 Theater giant? IMAX
30 Verdi’s “Un __ in maschera” BALLO
33 Serve leftover rolls? RECYCLE BUNS (from “recycle bins”)
37 “__ news?” ANY
38 “It’s Only a Paper Moon” composer ARLEN
39 Watch EYE
40 Bay Area county MARIN
42 Dispute over young flowers? BUDDING WAR (from “bidding war”)
47 Below average SUBNORMAL
51 Rescue squad initials EMS
52 “What should __?”: dieter’s quandary I EAT
53 Totally lost AT SEA
54 Boating implements OARS
55 Goose cooked in its own fat, say CONFIT
57 Takes another tack VEERS
58 Night in Nantes NUIT
59 Last pat? THE BUTTER END (from “the bitter end”)
62 Low areas DALES
63 Hawaiian non-natives HAOLES
64 “__ any drop to drink”: Coleridge NOR
65 Grammarians’ concerns USAGES
67 Strong sharks MAKOS
68 Coin-making tool? PENNY PUNCHER (from “penny pincher”)
72 Words before “of rules” A SET …
73 Beaded counters ABACI
75 Sealy alternatives SERTAS
76 Ma playing music YO-YO
77 Bell sounds DONGS
78 Traveler’s option RAIL
79 Filing tool TAB
82 Some travelers put them on in winter SNOW TIRES
84 Mediocre deli item? DULL PICKLE (from “dill pickle”)
87 “__ Gold”: Fonda film ULEE’S
88 Green Giant orb PEA
90 Letter-shaped 95-Down opening F-HOLE
91 Birdie plus one PAR
93 Mallard’s beard? DUCK VAN DYKE (from “Dick Van Dyke”)
99 Agreements YESES
100 Some dadaist art ARPS
102 Fear-inducing HAIRY
103 Not acceptable UNCOOL
105 Made level, with “up” TRUED
107 Pair of vehicles in a plot? TWO-CAR COLLUSION (from “two-car collision”)
112 Vanzetti’s partner SACCO
113 Price-slashing event SALE
114 Eight-related OCTAL
115 Island near Corsica ELBA
116 Westernmost Canadian territory YUKON
117 Confident ending? -IAL
118 Italian’s “That’ll do!” BASTA!
119 Similar AKIN


Number Clues Answers
1 Darken DIM
2 School URL ending EDU
3 Garden area BED
4 Like polo ponies SADDLED
5 Davidson College’s NCAA conference, for most sports A-TEN
6 Like a crowd in full voice AROAR
7 Go through hastily, as drawers RIFLE
8 Vision-related OPTIC
9 Bk. after Ezra NEH
10 Prisoner’s reward PAROLE
11 Take off to get hitched ELOPE
12 Outfielder Rusty who played for four different expansion teams STAUB
13 Place to swim, in Paris LAC
14 Jai __ ALAI
15 Viking descendant on a rampage? NORMAN MAULER (from “Norman Mailer”)
16 __ Heights: disputed Mideast region GOLAN
17 Powerful adhesive EPOXY
21 SSA-issued info ID NUMBER
24 Actress Téa LEONI
25 Suffix with consist -ENCY
30 5-Across broke his record, with “The” BABE
31 Lily family member ARUM
32 Honorary law degs. LLDS
34 “You bet __ boots!” YER
35 Grandmas NANAS
36 Welcome sign for concert promoters SRO
41 Early metalworking period IRON AGE
43 Sorrowful mother of legend NIOBE
44 Group of related species GENUS
45 Float on the breeze WAFT
46 Having a spat AT IT
47 WWII firearm STEN
48 Broken in USED
49 Sign of spring ARIES
50 WWII carriers LSTS
53 Some printer labels AVERYS
55 Cartoon components CELS
56 Game with yellow balls TENNIS
59 “Don’t forget the rubber disk”? TAKE YOUR PUCK (from “take your pick”)
60 Nocturnal hunter with a distinctive call HOOT OWL
61 Mets sports commentator Darling RON
62 Morse code tones DAHS
63 Is attired in HAS ON
65 Preposition often shortened to one syllable UNTIL
66 Skull covering SCALP
67 Giant of a Giant MAYS
68 Window __ PANE
69 Drs.’ orders ECGS
70 Biodiverse South American country PERU
71 River to the Caspian URAL
73 “Later, Louis!” ADIEU
74 Sour red soups BORSCHTS
79 Ring outcomes, briefly TKOS
80 Everyone, in Essen ALLE
81 Fliers with stingers BEES
83 “Ideas worth spreading” acronym TED
84 Father figure DAD
85 “Nice Work __ Can Get It”: 2012 Broadway musical IF YOU
86 Handler with a self-named Netflix talk show CHELSEA
88 Package PARCEL
89 Irish New Ager ENYA
91 Cline of country PATSY
92 Pianist Claudio ARRAU
94 Japanese piano maker KAWAI
95 Instrument with two 90-Acrosses VIOLA
96 Joshua tree’s 44-Down YUCCA
97 Half hitch and bowline KNOTS
98 Showiness ECLAT
101 Vino __: dry wine SECO
104 Southwestern pot OLLA
106 Author DeLillo DON
108 Hijack, e.g. ROB
109 Sort ILK
110 Wrap for Cio-Cio-San OBI
111 Indian flatbread NAN