LA Times Crossword Answers 17 Feb 2018, Saturday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword Answers 17 Feb 2018, Saturday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword Answers 17 Feb 2018, Saturday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Borrows without returning BUMS
5 Intestinal ILEAC
10 Apple that’s inedible IMAC
14 1966 N.L. batting champ Matty ALOU
15 Drag-racing fuel, briefly NITRO
16 Very serious DIRE
17 Costner role NESS
18 What tots might go after? TATER
19 Many an RPI grad ENGR
23 Atmo- kin AER-
24 He served the fewest 20th-century days (83) as U.S. VP HST
34 Somali-born model IMAN
35 Things for one to do SOLOS
36 Bl├╝cher’s title in “Young Frankenstein” FRAU
37 Swing improvisation? TIRE
38 Move like Miley TWERK
39 “__ it up and spit it out”: “My Way” lyric I ATE
40 Learning ctr. ACAD
41 “Peg Woffington” novelist READE
42 Covered, in a way CLAD
43 Charter acquisition TIME WARNER CABLE
46 Tailor’s concern FIT
47 H.S. hurdle SAT
48 Markings on gridirons MIDFIELD STRIPES
57 Assorted mixture OLIO
58 __ Bruni-Sarkozy, former French first lady CARLA
59 “Chocolat” actress OLIN
60 Title derived from “Caesar” TSAR
61 Early seal hunter ALEUT
62 It’s off-limits NO-NO
63 Cease HALT
64 Member of a 1969 MLB expansion team PADRE
65 Difficult situation STEW


Number Clues Answers
1 Value for your money, idiomatically BANG
2 Film apiarist ULEE
3 A majority MOST
4 Unrelenting attempt SUSTAINED EFFORT
5 Usury protection INTEREST RATE CAP
6 He played Oskar in “Schindler’s List” LIAM
7 Diminutive suffix -ETTE
8 Realtor’s measure AREA
9 Land of Lincoln? CORNHUSKER STATE
10 Airport agents see a lot of them IDENTIFICATIONS
11 Flash Gordon foe MING
12 Mythical vessel ARGO
13 Random House co-founder CERF
21 Layer HEN
22 Tour finish? -IST
25 Occupy, as a table SIT AT
26 Firenze friends AMICI
27 2016 NFL returnee LA RAM
28 Planter SOWER
29 City in southwestern New York OLEAN
30 2013 Grammy winner for “Royals” LORDE
31 Sonicare rival ORAL-B
32 South African province KwaZulu-__ NATAL
33 Kid stuff? SUEDE
44 __ Chess: video game WII
45 Train part CAR
48 Clothes consumer? MOTH
49 Victor Laszlo’s wife, in a classic film ILSA
50 Retro calling aid DIAL
51 Like a fantasy land? LA-LA
52 Historic plaintiff Scott DRED
53 Musical connector SLUR
54 One may be hatched PLOT
55 Strauss’ “__ Alpensinfonie” EINE
56 Buffalo feature, often? SNOW