LA Times Crossword Answers 22 Jul 2018, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword Answers 22 Jul 2018, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword Answers 22 Jul 2018, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Crunch beneficiaries ABS
4 Agnus __ DEI
7 Rustic dwelling A-FRAME
13 Using a passport, say ABROAD
19 Newman song that mentions Santa Ana winds I LOVE LA
21 Decisive point CLIMAX
22 Persuasive sort COAXER
23 Polite but unyielding statement? MADAM, I’M ADAMANT (from “Madam, I’m Adam”)
25 Stimulate EXCITE
26 Petroleum source SHALE
27 Legendary rock guitarist BECK
28 2018 Pyeongchang org. IOC
30 Author Ferber EDNA
31 Bolt of lightning? USAIN
33 Caulking crew? SEALANT TEAM (from “SEAL team”)
37 Building where things are taken back? RECANT CENTER (from “rec center”)
42 Within reach NEAR
43 How some dares are made ON A BET
44 Major arteries AORTAS
46 Impressive groupings ARRAYS
49 Seed cover ARIL
50 Flier’s choice AISLE
52 Sign on an available boutique? SHOP VACANT (from “shop vac”)
55 Braun competitor NORELCO
57 Director DuVernay AVA
59 Comply OBEY
60 Joint for jumping KNEE
61 __-Cat SNO
62 “Yikes!” OH NO
64 Empathetic comment I CARE
66 More than wondered ASKED
67 Serf surrounded by whales? PEASANT IN A POD (from “peas in a pod”)
71 Leaves painfully JILTS
75 Wonder’s “My Cherie __” AMOUR
76 __ game HOME
77 Chemicals giant DOW
80 Colorful fish OPAH
81 Levee DIKE
83 Org. that often strikes PBA
85 Holiday candle holder MENORAH
87 Fort Bragg lodger? BASE TENANT (from “base ten”)
90 Crèche figure ANGEL
92 Swelter BAKE
93 Bit of information DETAIL
94 Avis rival DOLLAR
96 Former Disney CEO EISNER
98 One of a cube’s 12 EDGE
99 Director Oliver to the rescue? GALLANT STONE (from “gallstone”)
101 Never-used part of the house? DORMANT ROOM (from “dorm room”)
106 It’s stunning TASER
107 Denny’s competitor IHOP
108 “__ who?” SEZ
109 Bowls over AWES
111 Capital of France EUROS
115 Recovered from a knockout CAME TO
118 Godzilla and friends solemnly recite? MONSTERS INCANT (from “Monsters, Inc.”)
122 Did away with ERASED
123 Taft-Hartley Act subject UNIONS
124 Prurient material EROTICA
125 Dinged DENTED
126 One who’s really hot SEXPOT
127 Inexperienced RAW
128 Iditarod segment LEG


Number Clues Answers
1 Zeroes in AIMS
2 Uninspired BLAH
3 Common mixer SODA
4 Land adjoining a manor house DEMESNE
5 Wearer of a “Y” sweatshirt ELI
6 Like most sonnets IAMBIC
7 “High Voltage” band AC/DC
8 Criticism FLAK
9 Canyon part RIM
10 Doc bloc AMA
11 Wrestle suffix -MANIA
12 Laud EXTOL
13 Untouched serve ACE
14 A penalty may be served in one BOX
15 Triple Crown venues RACETRACKS
16 Rust, for example OXIDE
17 Insurance giant AETNA
18 Fantasy DREAM
20 Highly prized VALUABLE
24 Defender of Troy AENEAS
29 Cocktail hour nibble CANAPE
32 Embassy employee ATTACHE
33 Arrange dinnerware on SET
34 Time spans ERAS
35 Brazen NERVY
36 Fictional Civil War novel setting TARA
37 Colorful horses ROANS
38 Ill-fated Houston company ENRON
39 Capital on the Nile CAIRO
40 Mardi Gras acronym NOLA
41 Two-time British Open champ TREVINO
45 Fleeced SHORN
47 Civil War soldier YANK
48 Dagger of yore SNEE
51 New Rochelle campus IONA
53 Caribbean sorcery OBEAH
54 Fictional newsman Baxter TED
56 Cuts short LOPS
58 Cause trouble ACT UP
63 Japanese seaport OSAKA
65 Shot that misses everything AIR BALL
66 Gulf between Yemen and Somalia ADEN
68 Tweak, perhaps AMEND
69 Apple or pear POME
70 Dishes from a “station” OMELETS
71 Assignment JOB
72 Tech debut of 2010 IPAD
73 Operate using a beam LASE
74 Shakespeare play featuring Ariel THE TEMPEST
77 Clog clearer DRANO
78 Like some buckets OAKEN
79 “__ Everybody Knows Your Name”: “Cheers” theme song WHERE
81 Stoop DEIGN
82 Bays, e.g. INLETS
84 Compulsively neat, say ANAL
86 Hamper OBSTRUCT
88 Cry with a flourish TA-DA!
89 Neighbor of Ghana TOGO
91 Kitchen gadget GRATER
95 Fast flight LAM
97 Understanding words I SEE NOW
100 Egypt’s second president NASSER
101 Cut into cubes DICED
102 Chicago hub O’HARE
103 Type of numeral ROMAN
104 Victim of Romulus REMUS
105 Atmospheric layer OZONE
109 5 for B or 6 for C AT NO
110 Jerry in the NBA logo WEST
112 Complain RAIL
113 Previously ONCE
114 Unaccompanied STAG
116 Kickoff aid TEE
117 Abnormal ODD
119 Squelch NIX
120 Sponge (up) SOP
121 Novelist Levin IRA