LA Times Crossword Answers 25 Feb 2018, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword Answers 25 Feb 2018, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword Answers 25 Feb 2018, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 JFK’s 109 PT BOAT
7 Gives in BENDS
12 Egg white protein ALBUMIN
19 Ronzoni rival BARILLA
20 Open, as an aspirin bottle UNCAP
21 Quarters and halves COINAGE
22 It’s often written in stone EPITAPH
23 Snow in southwest England? CORNISH FLAKES (from “corn flakes”)
25 Snack EAT
26 Hayseeds HICKS
28 Salad bar container CRUET
29 EKGs may be done in them ERS
33 Waikiki wreaths LEIS
34 Rte. finder GPS
36 Golf-loving priest’s dream? PARISH FOR THE COURSE (from “par for the course”)
43 Cal. locale of the Latino Walk of Fame EAST LA
46 Bottom-row key ALT
48 Pastry with a metallic taste? STEELY DANISH (from “Steely Dan”)
52 Steamed MAD
53 Boodles, for one GIN
54 Renaissance painter della Francesca PIERO
55 Auto body problem RUST
56 Eye layer UVEA
59 “Gracious!” OH MY!
60 Since Jan. 1, in accounting YTD
61 Start of many a riddle WHAT …
63 Ben Gurion carrier EL AL
64 Freight unit CRATE
66 Result of certain radar screens conking out? WEATHER VANISHES (from “weather vanes”)
70 Ski resort aids T-BARS
72 Mishmash OLIO
73 “M*A*S*H” roller JEEP
74 Dec. setting in Denver MST
77 Lea sounds BAAS
78 Rum and water drink GROG
79 Tusker hunted as game BOAR
81 Hostile calls HOOTS
83 CPR provider EMT
84 Brazilian map word SAO
86 Media outlet in Pennsylvania Dutch country? AMISH FM RADIO (from “AM/FM radio”)
89 ’90s golf club-making innovation TITANIUM
92 Coughing, perhaps ILL
93 Provides fare for CATERS
94 General-use gesture? ALL-PURPOSE FLOURISH (from “all-purpose flour”)
99 Source of brain research data: Abbr. EEG
100 Unresponsive (to) DEAF
101 Like delicate fabric FINE-SPUN
105 The Jungfrau, e.g. ALP
107 Makeup malfunction SMEAR
109 Take as one’s own CO-OPT
111 Binary code basic ONE
112 Cause of an origami flaw? FOLDING MISHAP (from “folding map”)
116 “Just like us!” SO ARE WE!
119 Genteel café relative TEAROOM
120 Conclude CEASE
121 Feeling guilty ASHAMED
122 Charming small-town street array AWNINGS
123 Old lab heaters ETNAS
124 Became less hostile THAWED


Number Clues Answers
1 Like decrees from Francis PAPAL
2 Overused TRITE
3 It might come from the horse’s mouth BIT
4 Portuguese hi OLA
5 Nuclear decay emission ALPHA RAY
6 Sesame seed paste TAHINI
7 Rudolph’s dad, e.g. BUCK
8 Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter ENOS
9 ATM maker NCR
10 See 51-Down DANCER
11 Scrooge visitor SPIRIT
12 Flu symptom ACHE
13 It’s measured in degrees for golf clubs LOFT
14 Fed. budget unit BIL
15 Merkel of “Destry Rides Again” UNA
17 Eisner’s successor at Disney IGER
18 Fabled loch NESS
19 Attraction for a cartoon coyote BEEP
24 Dish using seaweed SUSHI
27 Small change: Abbr. CTS
31 More to the point APTER
32 Less healthy-looking SALLOWER
33 Auction array LOTS
34 “I approve” GOOD
35 Stout server PUB
37 Pediatrician Asperger HANS
38 Move like a moth FLIT
39 Poet Lazarus EMMA
40 Entertainer of the Year org. CMA
41 Muck SLIME
42 Child’s counting word EENY
43 Notice ESPY
44 Feuding AT IT
45 Acorn, functionally SEED
49 “Phooey!” DRAT!
50 Name on a spine AUTHOR
51 With 10-Down, Waikiki entertainer HULA
57 Mayflower roller VAN
58 Prophet associated with Passover ELIJAH
59 Western alliance: Abbr. OAS
62 Is down with HAS
63 Bolivian president Morales EVO
64 Role in “Evita” CHE
65 Put another way REPHRASE
66 Existed WAS
67 Symphonic rock gp. ELO
68 European capital on its own gulf RIGA
69 Feudal peasant SERF
70 Sri Lankan people TAMIL
71 Armed forces strategy BATTLE PLAN
74 Manner MODE
75 Commotion STIR
76 General __ chicken TSO’S
77 Head of Byzantium? BETA
78 Rise GO UP
79 Tell what’s due BILL
80 European capital OSLO
82 Court declarations OATHS
84 Warm and comfy SNUG
85 “The __ bites shrewdly; it is very cold”: Hamlet AIR
87 Annoy MIFF
88 Eponymous apple grower MCINTOSH
90 Mimic APE
91 Web surfing tool MODEM
95 North Atlantic navigation worry SEA ICE
96 Part of a telemarketer’s gear EAR SET
97 “The X-Files” sighting UFO
98 Attacks, as a wrapped gift RIPS AT
102 Vichy verse POEME
103 Matchless? UNWED
104 Requirement NEED
105 Aqua Velva alternative AFTA
106 Movie mogul Marcus LOEW
107 Neck, in Nottingham SNOG
108 Theaters associated with 106-Down MGMS
109 Acapulco abode CASA
110 Unlocks, in verse OPES
113 Wash’n __ towelettes DRI
114 Charged thing ION
115 Dynasty after the Qin HAN
117 “Eureka!” AHA!
118 Cold and rainy RAW