LA Times Crossword Answers 27 May 2018, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword Answers 27 May 2018, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword Answers 27 May 2018, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Read digitally SCAN
5 Songs in Bollywood soundtracks RAGAS
10 Stopped stalling ACTED
15 Nincompoop BOOB
19 __ Bell: fast-food chain TACO
20 Donovan of “Clueless” ELISA
21 45 player PHONO
22 Alternative to de Gaulle ORLY
23 Back up on a job? ABET
24 On the take DIRTY
25 No-fuss course EASY ENTREE
27 “Spin” that really doesn’t affect the ball BODY ENGLISH
30 Motive REASON
31 Berkshire jackets ETONS
32 Cardiology concern AORTA
34 Help dishonestly LIE FOR
38 Floods SPATES
41 Katz of “Hocus Pocus” OMRI
42 Rural expanse PASTURE
43 Rarity for a duffer PAR
44 Invitation enclosure REPLY ENVELOPE
49 Inc. relative LLC
50 Governing gp. ADMIN
52 Property attachment LIEN
53 Signs often numbered EXITS
54 Entreaty PLEA
55 “You wouldn’t dare!” response TRY ME!
56 Wood-shaping tool ADZ
57 Apothecary’s measures DRAMS
58 Like some early hieroglyphics MAYAN
59 Trickle SEEP
60 They may rest on sills: Abbr. ACS
61 Wine label first name CARLO
62 Gift TALENT
63 “Affliction” actor NOLTE
65 Key next to F G-FLAT
66 Cheney’s successor BIDEN
67 Document often framed DEGREE
69 Landlord’s sign TO LET
70 Surfer’s shade? TAN
71 Eligibility factors AGES
74 Skips past OMITS
75 Cope GET BY
76 Part of LGBTQ GAY
77 Texas tourist spot ALAMO
78 Gimlet options GINS
79 Language group that includes Swahili BANTU
80 Lengthy lunch? HERO
81 “Night Moves” singer SEGER
82 L, at times: Abbr. LGE
83 “Curious though it may seem … ” FUNNILY ENOUGH …
86 Sinus dr. ENT
87 By and by, to a bard ERE LONG
89 Needing a nap BEAT
90 Feuding (with) AT ODDS
92 He pardoned Richard GERALD
93 Syrian leader ASSAD
95 “Li’l Abner” critter SHMOO
97 Miss the beginning BE LATE
99 Fairy tale feature HAPPY ENDING
104 Frank account, e.g. DIARY ENTRY
108 Sarcophagus holder CRYPT
109 Bonkers LOCO
110 Parcel measure ACRE
111 Bring together UNITE
112 One in training, perhaps HIREE
113 City near Vance Air Force Base ENID
114 Test release BETA
115 Mixed nuts tidbit PECAN
116 Dubai dignitaries EMIRS
117 Attitude SASS


Number Clues Answers
1 Shot in the dark STAB
2 Baja resort CABO
3 Completed with a stroke ACED
4 “Have patience” NOT YET
5 Common cold sign RED NOSE
6 Square up ALIGN
7 Some Little Leaguers GIRLS
8 Wine city near Turin ASTI
9 Ends a prayer SAYS “AMEN”
10 Make fun of APE
11 Plan, as a course CHART
12 Where sailors go TO SEA
13 “A Day Without Rain” New Ager ENYA
14 Exercises in a pool DOES LAPS
15 Invasive spam spreader BOTNET
16 Hockey immortal ORR
17 Shout after un pase OLE!
18 Playoff pass BYE
26 __ pollution NOISE
28 Perpetually, poetically ETERNE
29 Road warning HORN
33 Semiaquatic rodent RIVER RAT
35 Focusing completely FULLY ENGAGED
36 “The Orchid Thief” author Susan ORLEAN
37 Go back on one’s word RECANT
38 Words with friends? SPATS
39 Base adviser PADRE
40 Military construction expert ARMY ENGINEER
41 Courtroom cry OYEZ!
42 Piles of chips POTS
45 __ mat PLACE
46 Starbucks stack LIDS
47 Glorify EXALT
48 Long ride? LIMO
51 Corona and Tsingtao IMPORTS
54 Light beer? PALE ALE
57 Mayor before Emanuel DALEY
58 Boiling MAD
60 Worked on a course? ATE
61 Spiral-shaped light sources, briefly CFL BULBS
62 Old star makeup TIN
64 Guitarist Paul LES
65 ’80s-’90s crime boss GOTTI
66 Louisiana wetland BAYOU
67 Fairway challenge DOGLEG
68 Asylum seeker EMIGRE
69 Home to Dollywood: Abbr. TENN
70 Islands staple TARO
72 Fix text EMEND
73 Puts in order SORTS
75 Our __ GANG
76 Refined chap GENT
77 He plays Steve in “Jobs” ASHTON
79 “It’s cold out there” BUNDLE UP
80 Big pain HEADACHE
83 Scott of “Scandal” FOLEY
84 Fist-pump cry YEAH!
85 Reproductive cells GAMETES
88 Attraction in L.A.’s Hancock Park LA BREA
91 Tons OODLES
93 Web site ATTIC
94 Perfect Sleeper, e.g. SERTA
95 “Heidi” author SPYRI
96 Excited to the max HYPER
98 Celebrity chef Burrell ANNE
100 Proper partner PRIM
101 Macbeth’s burial isle IONA
102 CBS military drama NCIS
103 Jupiter and Mars GODS
104 Small application DAB
105 Word with pack or pick ICE
106 Creative works ART
107 Urge hidden in this puzzle’s eight longest answers YEN