LA Times Crossword Answers 4 May 2018, Friday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword Answers 4 May 2018, Friday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword Answers 4 May 2018, Friday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Like many superheroes CAPED
6 Paper items NEWS
10 Rock-blasting equipment AMPS
14 Kind of acid used in food flavoring AMINO
15 Dos x dos x dos OCHO
16 Indian garb SARI
17 Origami academy? FOLD SCHOOL (from “old school”)
19 Chimney liner SOOT
20 Victorian, e.g. ERA
21 Erelong SOON
22 Physicist who left Italy in 1938 to protect his Jewish wife FERMI
23 Exhaust from the carnival food tent? FAIR POLLUTION (from “air pollution”)
27 Hand over CEDE
28 Small wake maker OAR
29 Cowboy, at times ROPER
32 Scary beach phenomenon? FIN SIGHT (from “insight”)
37 Pitcher with no arms EWER
38 Backbone SPINE
40 Forest grazers DOES
41 Garment tailored to flatter your waist? FLAB COAT (from “lab coat”)
43 Growing things FLORA
44 Quotable boxer ALI
45 Story TALE
47 Divisive politician? FACTION FIGURE (from “action figure”)
53 Filmmaker born Konigsberg ALLEN
54 Barbarian OGRE
55 Nickname derived from “Mortgage Association” MAE
58 Glasses, in adspeak SPEX
59 Boldness, and a hint to five long puzzle answers EFFRONTERY (and EF “FRONTERY”)
62 Yonder thing THAT
63 Hawaiian island MAUI
64 She turned Odysseus’ crew to swine CIRCE
65 Antoinette preposition SANS
66 Highland hats TAMS
67 Toys on strings YO-YOS


Number Clues Answers
1 Tea and cake purveyor CAFE
2 Deity with a bow AMOR
3 Rice dish PILAF
4 Finish END
5 Set of related documents DOSSIER
6 Optimism opposite NO HOPE
7 Prefix suggesting affordability ECONO-
8 Journalist’s question WHO?
9 Fa-la link SOL
10 Factory equipment, e.g. ASSET
11 “The Piano” extra MAORI
12 Publicity video PROMO
13 Peaceful protest SIT-IN
18 Electrical supply CORD
22 Symbols of wealth FURS
24 Bitter ACERB
25 Meat cut LOIN
26 Exit __ LANE
29 Penalty caller REF
30 Talkative “Winnie the Pooh” character OWL
31 Edible sphere PEA
32 Able FIT
33 Lazybones IDLER
34 Unappealing viscous material GOO
35 The Beatles’ “I Saw __ Standing There” HER
36 Org. using wands TSA
38 Aria, usually SOLO
39 Royal annoyance? PAIN
42 Biblical brother CAIN
43 Orator’s skill FLUENCY
45 Fertile Crescent waterway TIGRIS
46 Farming prefix AGRO-
47 Some protests FASTS
48 Top dog ALPHA
49 Unarmed, to a cop CLEAN
50 Modern messages TEXTS
51 End of a giant sequence -FO-FUM
52 Nail-filing abrasive EMERY
56 With the bow, on a score ARCO
57 Watchers EYES
59 Life-saving pro EMT
60 Airport org. FAA
61 Spanish uncle TIO